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Friction Reducer in Fracturing Fracking or Frac

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Well fracturing operations require large volumes of water be pumped quickly at very high pressures to fracture shale formations effectively. To reduce the loss of pressure from frictional forces within pipes fracking water is treated with friction reducers. Friction reducers are high-molecular weight polymers of acrylamide in an oil emulsion. They are used for slick water hydraluic fracturing to reduce friction pressures in all types of fluids and reduces the energy required in pumping, resulting in low wear and tear.

Cationic or anionic emulsion polymer that can reduce friction pressures of water by more than 70%.  The polymers reduce turbulence and reduce the kinetic energy of transport. Effective friction reducers can minimize friction losses reducing hydraulic power demands.

We offer both the cationic and anionic product.

We offer several shale gas fracturing chemicals like Encapsulated gel breaker, Persulfate Breaker, Friction reducer, Boron & Zirconium based Guar crosslinkers.

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